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3-In-1 Shaker Plus FREE SHIRT by USPlabs

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With The Fill-N-Go Funnel! 

Pack Your Full Arsenal Of Workout Domintion Tools In One Slick Package! 

The lowly shaker cup goes Ultra-Premium!  

While it may look similar to other shakers you've used in the past, make no mistake – this is a different beast. 

Engineered from the ground up to deliver optimum performance and convenience, you can finally say goodbye to clumps, spills and stains.

With precisely molded threads and gasket surfaces, this shaker locks up tight - what you put in it, stays in it until you let it out.

The unique 3-in-1 design features an air and liquid tight lower compartment with lid, allowing you to store your favorite powder in the base of the shaker until you're ready to use it. Ideal for keeping a serving of USPlabs Jack3d®, ModernBCAA™ or your favorite protein powder fresh and ready to be mixed with your beverage of choice.

The lid of the shaker features an integrated capsule / tablet case allowing you to pack your full arsenal of workout domination tools in one slick package.

Also includes the Fill-N-Go Funnel!

With your protein powder packed securely in the bottom of the shaker, the Fill-N-Go funnel is the perfect way to bring along your favorite pre-workout or BCAA supplement.

It features threaded seals on the top and bottom, allowing you to transport the powder without worry of spilling or excess moisture.

When ready for use, remove the small cap on the bottom of the funnel and you can easily pour the contents through the neck of a water bottle, or any other handy container - WITHOUT SPILLAGE (say goodbye to the classic hand-funnel technique).

Both items are made of high quality BPA free plastics.

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