Bulking Stack Chemical X, Alpha PCT, Chrysin 750, Sterolabol, FREE AB-12

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Chemical X

Alpha PCT

Chrysin 750



Can Bulking Stack be stacked with anything else? Absolutely! Bulking Stack will give even more insane results when stacked with PermaSwole and Chemical Four. We recommend the following stacking protocol for maximum size and strength gains.

We recommend the following stacking protocol for maximum size and strength gains. 

Month 1: 
Chemical X 1) tab. daily 
Sterolabol 3) tabs. with breakfast, 3) tabs. with dinner
AB-12 1 cap. 3) times daily
Month 2: 
Chemical X 1) tab. daily
Alpha PCT (start two weeks before you finish Chemical X) 2) caps .once daily with food
Chrysin 750 2) caps. before bed

Month 3: 
Organ Shield (liver support) Continuing Chrysin 750  Highly Recommend 

Month 4:


Bulking Stack a Complete for Mass Size 

Chemical X 19-Nor DHEA is a promising growth factor that may enhance* rapid growth of your muscles and may help in increase* strength all the same. It might also improve* your testosterone levels and therefore support your sexual health and functions.

Helps with performance in workouts as it increases* strength and reduces* your recovery time.

Cannibal Alpha PCT helps in boosting your natural test levels, but it helps repairs the damage done to your natural test levels. It does this by using Arimit, which is compound that may reduce estrogen, increase fat loss, improve hypertrophy, and increase testosterone. That combined with the following to create the most insanely potent legal post cycle therapy product on the market:

Chrysin 750 is a bioflavonoid found in passion flower (Passiflora coerula), that promotes healthy testosterone levels and lean muscle mass by inhibiting aromatase, the enzyme that coverts testosterone to estrogen.**

Sterolabol A Plant Sterol-Based Anabolic Supplement . Helps Rejuvenates and Strengthen Natural Test Production

FREE AB-12 Limited Offer

AB-12 is an Appetite-stimulating supplement commonly used by athletes looking to put on weight. The bulking phase requires you to substantially increase your calorie intake to put on the desired mass. If you're not used to the higher calorie intake, you may have trouble eating enough to gain weight. AB-12 helps you eat more so you get the calories you need to bulk up

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