Ripped Stack V-Ripped, ShredABOL,Test-ABOL by GenXLabs

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Cutting & Hardening Stack 

ShredABOL, V-Ripped, Test-ABOL 

Designed For Women and Men 

V Ripped 

Don't Sacrifice Muscle Gains for Fat Loss - Get V Ripped for that Lean, Cut, and Hard body

Grow *Shred *Recover

Looking to lose a little fat and pack on some muscle 

Hard muscles are too difficult to build only to lose them during burning fat.  It’s happened countless times.

Every one is interested in building muscle while losing body fat. You want a strong, rock hard vascular physique.

Getting ripped can be hard work as it takes patience, dedication and persistence. You must first have the right supplements plan in place which has been strategically designed to make you lose body fat and preserve muscle tissue. 

GenXLabs V-Ripped makes it easy for you to achieve your goal of bigger, harder, leaner muscle and increased fat loss with no need to buy multiple bottles of supplements



ShredABOL High Pharmaceutical Diuretic Extract Blend helps expel water beneath the skin

Primary Functions: Dramatically reduce excess water retention, Bring out cuts between muscle fibers, Shows Vascularity

Results: Maximum Muscle Definition and Hardness, without muscle loss 

  • Temporary Water Weight gain Relieves
  •  Vascularity Complex
  •  Pro Anabolic Muscle and Nitrogen Synthesis
  •  High Pharmaceutical Diuretic Extract Blend
  •  Electrolytes Sparing Formula

Test-ABOL With Bulbine Natalensis

Test Accelerator

Effective For Lean Muscle Mass And Strength Gains In Both Men and Women* 

Test-ABOL has the ability to increase natural test, as well as reduce prolactin and estrogen.  Test-ABOl contains natural herbal extracts with very low toxicity and it has no safety concerns when taken at the recommended dosages.  Test-ABOL is recommended for anyone with low test levels. 

  • Increase Muscle Growth
  • Increase Strength 
  • Increase Libido  

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